La blancheur retrouvée de la cathédrale de Chartres fait polémique
L'Express - le 7 octobre 2015

a cathédrale de Chartres, l'une des mieux conservées d'Europe, subit une cure de jouvence qui redonne sa blancheur au décor intérieur du XIIIe siècle mais surprend les regards habitués aux pierres noircies par le temps, au point de susciter une polémique jusqu'aux Etats-Unis.


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A Scandalous Makeover at Chartres
The New York Review of Books
Par Martin Filler

Chartres Cathedral, with repainted vaulting in the choir contrasting with the existing nave and transepts in the foreground, Chartres, France, July 11, 2012
Over a lifetime of looking at buildings, a few have stood out as soul-stirring experiences. High among them is Chartres Cathedral, which I first saw some thirty years ago. Though I had long been acquainted with this renowned Gothic landmark through photographs, I was quite unprepared for the visceral impact of its dark, soaring interior, especially the famous stained glass windows that glowed like precious gems set into the intricately carved stone walls. I began to understand how this overwhelming creation could be perceived as heaven on earth.

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